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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a moment of silence tonight at the baseball park in arlington texas. the players wore black ribbons in honor of the man who died last night. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. ktvu's amber lee is live in san francisco where fans say they may be more cautious now, amber. >> reporter: frank, we're at at&t park where a game is still going on inside right now. the death of a baseball fan in
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texas trying to catch one of these is on the minds of people here tonight. many families packed into the ballpark to see the giants play the mets looking for a good time. some hoping for a free souvenir by the way of a foul ball. >> have you ever gone for a ball that flew your way. >> absolutely. we were just talking about one we caught last season. >> reporter: but last night, this man trying to catch a ball thrown by josh hamilton fell and died. his 6-year-old son was next to him when he fell. >> i can't think, what they are going through right now. >> reporter: fans say catching a souvenir ball is part of the experience of going to a game but they would like to see higher railings to prevent accidents. some fans say they plan to be more careful. >> if it's closer to us, then we will reach for it.
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but if it's to a point where we're leaning over something, we need to stay away from that, yes. >> reporter: is that something new you decided to do now. >> yes. >> reporter: this father says that he brings to his son to the ball often and today he talked to his son about safety. >> i am going to make sure i can reach for it, because i don't have long arms. >> we have to stop. >> reporter: the team is not going to discourage players from throwing souvenir balls. >> guys were talking about it early today and certainly you know they are all nervous about it. but i don't think, i just don't see it stopping. >> reporter: fans told us that they know what can happen and they don't want major league baseball to make changes. amber lee, ktvu news. we have new video tonight of a protest in downtown oakland that focused attention on a hunger strike in a
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northern california prison. >> about 100 demonstrators gathered to show support for inmates at pelican state bay prison. the hunger strike has protested positions in its shoe that houses high rate inmates in solitary confinement. no one was arrested. questions are getting louder tonight about whether the captain and crew followed the rules when their fishing boat sank in mexico leaving one man dead and seven others missing. continuing coverage tonight, ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with the fish fishermen who made it back and what experts say should have happened. >> reporter: if one of these boats would go down, a beacon would be set off.
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it's not sure if that boat even had that beacon in mexico. >> if they would have had some kind of a call out, we would have been rescued within five hours. they would have got all of us out of there. >> reporter: but gary nelson says that never happened. he and another fishermen made it home today. >> in my heart i think he was probably the first man adrift. >> if that would have been me, i would have sent out an s.o. sos. all of a sudden everybody was out. >> reporter: mary >> reporter: maritime law does
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not require. >> but agencies, the community has an ethical and moral obligation to keep themselves safe and the public safe. >> reporter: this beacon is a required last line of defense. >> it would float on the surface. the coast guard would know where to go. >> reporter: but survivors say they saw no such thing. >> there was no beacon, no flair, nothing there that we could see. >> the coast guard points out everybody is still in rescue mode. it searched another 140 square miles today. áeut does expect that a later investigation will determine if this captain really broke any laws. we're live here in emeryville, eric rasmussen. he spent more than eight hours swimming to shore. later on, another fisherman's
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story about that night. the fire started about 5:23. it only burned about an acre and crews put it out an hour later. the fire started in this vehicle and then spread to near by brush. the car's owner returned to the scene tonight and told an investigators that the vehicle had overheated and that she parked it on the grass. firefighters in danville were also busy this afternoon putting out a fire that burned very close to some homes. san ramon valley fire officials say the flames burned about an acre and came within 25 feet of some townhomes. firefighters doused the flames in minutes, the cause of the fire is under investigation. the federal government admits that its parol agents made mistakes in monitoring
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phillip garrido. 42 pages in length, it looks at the visits to the garridos. the report concludes phillip's monitoring was substandard. 20% of today's sales at the sizzler will go toward search efforts for michelle le. h her brother told us tonight, even though six weeks have passed her family is still working hard to find her. >> you just feel her presence not there, the emptiness, we're working hard to get her back. >> reporter: there was a steady stream of people at the restaurant throughout the day says the owner. former first lady betty ford died today at the age of
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93. many americans know her for the betty ford center which drug and alcohol adduction, something mrs. ford knew well. the wife of the late president gerald ford was unlike other first ladies. >> reporter: petty ford's life started quickly after -- betty ford's life started quickly after she married president ford. she developed her own persona ouz the white house. also the mother of four children she was considered strong, active and most of all candid. >> because of my own health that has made it possibly for me to be able in my way share what i learned with others. >> reporter: it was almost unheard of for a first lady to publicly mention personal
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problems. in the first year of her husband's presidency she announced she had breast cancer. but it is the betty ford center for substance abuse that will be her biggest legacy. >> i think she educated a generation that needed education, that needed support in how to deal with these problems. >> reporter: mrs. ford disclosed publicly that she had for years abused alcohol and had become dependent on prescription drugs. the first major political figure to openly address a problem that plagued millions. >> it has been from the very first day a place for any man or woman who needed help. >> reporter: mrs. ford kept largely out of the public eye in her latter years. most americans saw her for the first time in more than a decade at the funeral and burial of her husband. it was a four day period of national mourning. and although she looked fragile, he never waiverred.
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in washington, i'm sandra endo. >> reporter: president obama released a statement. she was a powerful advocate for women's health and women's rights. go to for more on the life of betty ford including a slide show of pictures. just click the u.s. and world news tab. fog will be the biggest factor in our forecast over the next few days. coming up our updated forecast model will break down our weather pattern over the next 24 hours. and there's a gathering as people gather to remember the family of four killed in a plane crash. and people here say they are still unemployed but still a lot better off than a lot of people still looking for jobs.
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authorities today revealed that four people were on board a small plane that crashed into a building last night on the grounds of watsonville's community hospital. and today we learned the four victims of that crash were a mother, father and their two children from santa cruz. pilot david howton was headed to a family vacation with his wife and two sons. ktvu's patti lee is live now where the howton's family and friends are gathered to remember those four lives lost in that crash. >> reporter: we learned just this afternoon that it was their close friends and their children killed in that plane crash and tonight they are
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sharing stories. and honoring their memories. this home video of 10-year-old ryan howton catches his excitement at a boy scout outing. one of the many outings he enjoyed with his brother luke and his parents. >> i wanted everybody to know what a great brother he is. what a great person he is and what a wonderful family he has. >> reporter: john howton the pilot's brother says it is nearly impossible to accept that all four died in a fiery plane crash and that just yesterday they were flying to yosemite and planned to rest of the family for a birthday celebration this weekend. >> my birthday is on july 4th, his is on the seventh we were planning a little party. and have a birthday cake for two. he had been flying for three years and he's had his pilots
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license for a year now. he's flown hundreds of hours on a plane that he is part owner. >> it's a richness and fullness that they lived their lives. >> reporter: as scuba dive instructors they led excavations all over the world. they also participated on the boy scouts and 4h. >> we look at ground scars and propeller damage to determine if the engine was developing power. >> in this case there were marks on the ground about 200 feet away from where the plane slammed into the building. investigators were also able to determine there was an adult and a child in the front seat of the plane.
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a preliminary report is expected in five to 10 days, but the final report is expected to take nine months to a year to complete. casey anthony will spend several more days behind bars after florida officials recalculated her release date. the woman acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter was told by the judge yesterday that she would be released this coming wednesday. now she won't be freed until july 17th. anthony was convicted of lying to investigators and was given credit for three years served. police announce the arrest of a stabbing of a teenager. juan carlos cortez killed tran lee in may. cortez has been in jail on a parol hold he is now facing homicide charges. the incident is gang related. the man accused of stealing a picasso sketch was charged with grand theft today. 30-year-old mark lugo is accused of taking the sketch
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tuesday from the winestein gallery in union square. prosecutors say lugo also faces charges of second degree burglary and having stolen property. he is due in court on monday. tomorrow east palo alto is offering money to people who turn in their guns, it starts at 9:00 a.m. the guns must be unloaded and in the trunk of a vehicle. they can be dropped off at the government center on university avenue. one hundred dollars cash cards will be given out for the first 75 weapons turned in. the worse jobs numbers of the year show the unemployment rate has now been above 5% in 9 months. that is the longest stretch since the great depression. ktvu's rita williams shows us how the effects are being felt here in the bay area. >> so we're just going to institute this x with two.
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>> reporter: at 38 years old, eugene akino says it isn't easy to be back in school but he says that's what he has to do to get a job. >> all i know is forklift driving and not a lot of people are hiring for that right now. >> reporter: akino is one of 5,000 people who used to build cars here at the nummi plant before it shutdown last year. >> everybody thought they had a job for last. >> reporter: so now he's preparing for a test that will admit him into an it course. smith is training for a technician job for less pay. >> not as much as i was making at nummi but it'll pay. >> the recession cost us more than 8 million jobs, and that means that we still have a big hole to fill.
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>> the president always tells us he inherited a bad situation. i can see the point, but he has made it worse. >> reporter: while politicians debate the problem, these laid off united auto workers have something most job seekers don't. federal and state money for retraining. >> they'll still be getting unemployment insurance while they're in school. >> reporter: plus they have hugs from rios to keep them through. from personal experience she tells them when one door closes, another one opens. the up tick in unemployment sent stocks lower today. the dow finished the day with a loss of 62 points. the nasdaq had its first losing day in two weeks dropping four points. -- five people have already been given new jobs with golden gate ferry. commuters can now get their
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tickets from vending machines from the ferry terminals. on giant game day, the ferry ticket office will be open and staffed. san francisco historic golden gate park carusel sparkled today as a center piece of a million dollars renovation. the plaza surrounding the carusel has just gotten a facelift complete with colored concrete, stoned wall and stared. the carusel was built in 1913 and was not affected by the renovation. there's new word that maria shriver is buying a new home. the couple split after it was revealed he fathered a child with their long time housekeeper. shriver's new house is reportedly in the brentwood section of los angeles near the home they shared. former san francisco mayor gavin newsom has listed his home for sale. the asking price is reportedly
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$2.75 million. lieutenant governor newsom and his family moved to marin county in june. the advertised cool down still set to move into the bay area: first thing tomorrow morning, the fog right around the bay and overnight lows will be in the 50s. santa rosa right around 51. san jose 56 degrees. here is our updated forecast model showing us the fog. the clouds hugging the coast, also pushing locally into the bay. partly cloudy skies inland as we do put this into motion. you can see by 4:00, 5:00 the clouds pulling back to near the shoreline with those beaches only in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. coming up the areas that will cool down the most for tomorrow and also the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. some homeowners are hit with a new fire fighting fee. stanford university need your help. how you can become a -- with a
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computer and this small orange box. and the royal couple's visit to california live at 10:30.
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graduation ceremonies in san francisco for a new type of police jobs. the aids will now be sworn police officers instead they'll handle low priority calls such as filling out burglary reports and directing traffic. the idea is to free up sworn officers for high priority work. the 15 graduates now start a three month training first with an officer then with a crime scene investigator. the city of oakland says it is making progress having now secured concessions from all five of its public employee
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unions. the unions have all accepted new contracts. concessions vary from union to union but they include higher pension costs and pay cuts. the seiu union agreed to 15 unpaid days off. city hall may have to ask for more depending on how much it gets from the federal state and government. governor brown says the annual fee assures that property owners pay their fair of fire fighting costs. the fee is expected to generate $50 million this fiscal year and 200 million a year in the future. researchers at sanford and uc berkeley are setting up a new system of earthquake sensors directly in bay area homes, schools and businesses. it's called the quake catcher network.
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new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama is live at stanford where researchers are looking for hundreds of volunteers. >> reporter: here's how it works. this small orange box is a sensor that can connect to any computer, then you can download software and send the data back through the internet. on this quiet street in menlo park, one house is about to become part of the quake catcher network. >> i'm really excited about i. they're going to come tomorrow morning and install the sensor, it should be really cool. >> so this is a sensor that's called an exellerometer. it's the same type of sensor that you have on your internet or wii. the more sensor stations we have the better we can understand the differences in the geology and how buildings
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are responding, how those structures are responding in different locations. >> reporter: the goal is to make a area of sensors by installing them in homes and schools in the area. >> we have six people signing up so far. we're hoping to get about 500. >> reporter: the project hopes that soon they'll be able to warn people of a quake before it hits. >> that's one of the things that happened in japan. is trains slowed down because the earthquake is coming. this system is not ready for that yet but we hope that one day we can actually contribute in that way. >> reporter: the quake catcher network and the small orange boxes are also being set up in southern california, utah and the pacific northwest. live in stanford tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. we have posted information about the quake catcher's program and how you can
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participate at just scroll down to the web links portion. >> the shuttle program's final flight. the launch of the atlantis. it's mission and where nasa stands on a replacement. first william and kate in southern california tonight. how they'll spend their weekend on their first trip to the u.s. together.
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the royals are in southern california tonight. the duke and dutchess of cambridge landed in los angeles this afternoon starting a two day visit. it's their first trip to the u.s. since getting married. reporter paul vercammen is live with how they spent their first
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evening. >> reporter: well hopefully they're in bed and sleeping, because they had a busy day. the royal newlyweds are bringing all that newlywed glow. they headed to technology leaders, that was followed with a reception with the governor. police have warned the paparazzi to stay off neighbors property. earlier in the day, the cambridges are they are called wrapped up a nine day tour of canada with much pomp and circumstance in alberta. but first, william and katherine dawned cowboy hats to kick off the annual calvary stampede. on saturday, william will get on his own high horse at the polo club to play in a polo
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match. >> william grew up playing polo. he was watching it before he could ride. he was watching it, before he was on a horse he had started playing it. he's played with the best players in the world, so he would have learned from them. and of course his father, coaching him. >> reporter: kate will not play but she will give out the trophy to the winner. we'll see if her husband can conquer the game of kings. the paparazzi has been warned, if they go jumping around people's yards, they will be arrested. governor brown signed a new bill into law meant to prevent cyber bullying. the new law wrote by nora campos says posts made on
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social networking sites are covered. that allows school officials to suspend or expel students for making bullying comments online. eluaso nuibi flew american with an an expired passport that belonged to another person. he was arrested. last august a pakistani man and wife were escorted out an american's airlines flight. the threat turned out to be a hoax. now the pakistani man is suing american airlines and san francisco police claiming he and his wife were the victims of racial profiling.
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the man says they were the only passengers set aside. the pentagon today set out notice that it was ending don't ask don't tell. the orders stopped discharges of gay or lesbian troops and the military will now begin accepting applications from individuals who identify themselves as homo sexual. the memo comes after an appeals court ruled that the pentagon must stop enforcing don't ask don't tell. it will be a working weekend for key members in congress. lawmakers will stay in washington to try to figure out a way to reduce the deficit before the debt limit is reached on august 2. but republicans won't budge on tax breaks and democrats don't want cuts to social security or
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medicare. the president today urged both parties to work through their differences. >> the american people sent us here to do the right thing not for party but for country. so we're going to work together to get things done on their behalf. >> both parties are expected to meet again on sunday. the shuttle atlantis lifted off today, it is the last flight ever for the shuttle program. john fowler talked to a journalist today who's covered the shuttle for years and who also came very close to being selected for a shuttle mission that ended in disaster. >> two, one -- >> reporter: from the front row from the beginning, it was charles pettit. >> from the beginning there was a sense of melancholy to see this ending. there's no way to get people into outer space and that's something that's been taken away. >> reporter: one of the
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definitive chronickers, a finalist to the space program which ended with this challenger explosion. pettitte says the shuttle is too risky, and too expensive. it's clear robot spacecraft do science cheaper and better. >> that's the real space program. and it does real real science. on the international space station and space shuttle has ever done is show us how to live in space. but it's still yet to show why we should be up there. some people would rather scrap that to have people with flags on their shoulders being up there. >> reporter: a capsule called orion could take americans to an asteroid or to mars. the lust for space exploration is hard to deny. >> it's visceral and it's a vital part of the 20th century.
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not sure if it's a big part of the 21st century. >> the the next americans to go into space are to pay to go on the russian rocket. you're looking at saturn as a massive storm swirls through. the violent storms only happen every few years say scientists. a bold attempt of going green falls flat. the environment factor that the city says kept its project from taking off. the bay area weather pattern is about to change. coming up the areas that will have a double digit cool down tomorrow and when drizzle could return to our forecast. and breaking the rule in the free for all running for the bulls cost one man dearly.
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napa county sheriff's deputies have arrested man for a marijuana growing operation where two bodies were found. the two bodies were found along with 3,000 marijuana plants. the napa sheriff says carlos guerrero has been arrested on several drug charges but he has not been charged with the two
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homicides. an update now on a story we first reported this evening on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, just a short time ago we received these sketches of two men wanted in a sexual assault. investigators say the men approached a 13-year-old boy outside a restroom last night at the municipal wharf in santa cruz. the men were described as being white and between 24 and 25 years old. giant planters have been placed in sieve civic center plaza where two wind turbines were placed. but it turns out it was not windy enough. >> the mechanical parts make it a lot different than a solar installation. >> reporter: the power experiment cost $12,500.
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city leaders say they plan to send the contraptions back to the companies that built them in hopes of getting their money back. in africa the nation of south sudan has become the latest country. it broke away from north sudan. while south sudan has oil fields it is one of the poorest and least developed places on earth. it has less than two miles of paveed roads and 85% of the population is illit era te. the activists called their effort a protest after the greek navy blocked a flotilla from setting sail. and in spain day two of the
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running of the bulls saw more people injured. the general rule suggests daredevils are not supposed to do that. the man fell and you see what happened there. the man gourded him in the leg. there is a new challenge tonight involving a planned development in san francisco's park merced parents. opponents say they delivered a petition with 19,000 signatures on it. some tenants at park merced are angry with plans to demolish 1,800 rent controlled apartments and build 5,700 new units. however developers say the residents would be relocated to new units with the same rent status. among the recommendations, update the business plan and hire more staff. so far the california high
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speed rail authority has $600 and needs about 3,700 more. the agency is on track to answer all concerns on a new business plan set to be released in october. it's an amazing story of survival. what a north bay man did to live through last weekend's fishing boat accident in mexico. and meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking your weekend forecast he is back in six minutes with exactly what we can expect.
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the survivors of that deadly boating accident in mexico are home tonight and telling their stories. john sasaki spoke with a sonoma county man about his ordeal on that ill fated soy voyage. >> i know how powerful the
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ocean is and it was not the ocean's fault. the water is rougher than heck. the winds 50 knots of wind. the waves are breaking over our head. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a six day fishing trip for a big group of friends all of whom are experienced fishermen. then something went horribly wrong early saturday morning. >> as soon as i came out of my room, there was no question in my mind, this boat was going down. >> reporter: he was washed off the boat wearing a life jacket. he then huddled with some of the other men with the other men. but then the weather cleared and he decided to swim to shore. it took him 8.5 hours. >> i had no legs underneath me, i could not stand up. i had been in the water for
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hours. it definitely cost lived. yeah i'm -- off. >> reporter: levine has his love for the ocean tattooed on his arm. >> i was supposed to be on the top of that food chain, and for some time i was on the bottom of it. >> reporter: levine says he will go fishing again, even in mexico. >> and you can click on the special section we've created. it includes raw video of the rescue. demonstrators came together on the uc berkeley campus to fight against prop 209. proposition 209 bans affirmative actions at uc schools. jerry brown told the state supreme court the proposition violated the constitution. today was the last day for the governor to challenge the ban. so protesters called on governor brown to reinstate his stance. >> affirmative action with one out of the civil rights
10:48 pm
movement is the only way to integrate these public universities and prop 209 is today's version of separate and unequal making it illegal to take measures for integration. a bold pizza place in san rafael is about to be toned up a little bit. after months of controversy, owner pizza orgasmica has agreed to change the pizza parlor's bright paint job. the owner says the paint reflects his brazilian heritage. and the giants are on
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stance to break a new record -- last weekend this time we were getting for triple digit heat. this weekend a completely different story. more fog out there and temperatures definitely cooling off. right now in the maps you can see one source of that cool down, the force regrouping right near the immediate coastline. especially near the south of pacifica and pescadero. as we deploy our buoys you can see the conditions right now with more of an on shore breeze. gusting to 20 miles per hour. those winds will remain on shore throughout the weekend. temperatures for today we compiled the numbers you can see the range from the low 60s for the coastline. warmers locations still on the hot side out toward fairfield and antioch and also right around livermore. here's a look at our over all weather story for tonight. areas of fog and clear skies inland. this weekend more fog, temperatures will be cooling off in if extended forecast. a significant cool down showing up. we've been talking about this fog over the last few days,
10:50 pm
primarily hugging a good portion of the bay area forecast. this weather system moves in from the north that will weaken the marine layer. with that that will be a major source of the immediate trend. patchy there right around the bay. some clouds out there into the afternoon hours, a bit of a breeze and the inland spots mostly sunny and warm. warmest locations only approaching low to mid-80s and winds crank up into the afternoon hours about 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning you can expect quite a few 50s out there. we will put this into motion. all those colors begin to show up reflecting the bay area microclimates. you can see the brighter colors inland but we're not talking about the major heat up for the afternoon. by 12:00 still coastal fog, it'll be stubborn out there. temperatures most areas falling within that range at 60 to 85
10:51 pm
degrees. fair field at 83, oakland 66. brentwood in the upper 80s. and san francisco mainly in the lower 60s. the beaches only the upper 50s to 60 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast will continue to shave off a few degrees for the second part of the weekend into sunday. the key theme we'll be talking about next week. much cooler air pushing into the region. mainly 60s and 70s. julie and frank no heat waves showing up yet. >> thank you, mark. an assembly economy approved a bill that would ban the sale of nonprescription drugs contain, dextrin. it is commonly found in cough medicines. people consume it in large quantities to do what's called robo tripping to get high. the name comes from robitussin.
10:52 pm
it's more popular than cocaine, lsd or meth in teenagers.
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10:54 pm
this isn't an act of graffiti, it's a group of san
10:55 pm
jose teenagers that received permission from the owners of a home. this will be the start of a mural that will be filled in tomorrow. the teens plan to paint a graffiti every weekend this month. it was a disappointing night for both the a's and the giants. >> it really was julie. had the double bummer going on as both teams found themselves in a little something that is a derby. another quality start from voguelsan. the only problem for him angel pagan. erasing a 1-0 lead. al michaels and bob costas into the booth and take over for a few minutes and they bring good
10:56 pm
vibes because shore -- shoreholtz scores. the the first one off of bryan wilson. 12 of them against the giants he does it again. it was a battle in texas of two all star pitchers facing off against each other. only one played the role of all star though. unfortunately for the a's it was not their guy. gio gonzalez outpitched by cj wilson. first-inning after a costly error. the rangers load the bases, that's the law. mike napoli with a shot deep into the bleachers. 5-0 lead, scott seizmore tries to get the a's back into it with a solo shot of his own. but the texas in their second
10:57 pm
inning teeing off. ian kinsler finds the bleachers in that hot and not to be outdone, adrian beltre with a shot of their own. and the a's after this one now find themselves 10 games back of the west. not exactly the summer of love. on a fourth pitch hits a pop up. watch the pitcher he mouths off to big pappi gets an ejection. big pappi says what, he charges the mound. they go after it pretty good. some what standard baseball fight. nobody really seemed too interested in throwing a lot of punches. as it turns out the red sox win and that's the sporting life for a friday night. i didn't say the good sportsman like. >> there's some fireworks going on for sure. mark, thank you. ktvu mornings on two begins
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tomorrow morning at 7:00. they'll be following the bay area's overnight news dropments. >> drop -- news developments. >> you can get news any time on and the ktvu news app. thank you very much for joining us everyone. have a good night.
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